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sustainable architecture
design strategies + innovative technologies that promote a sustainable built environment
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An Innovative Net-Zero Prefab in Los Angeles

An Innovative Net-Zero Prefab in Los Angeles | sustainable architecture |
A net-zero prefab home design is set to reinvigorate a down-at-the-heels Los Angeles neighborhood.

In 2011, Restore Neighborhoods Los Angeles (RNLA), a nonprofit that invests in housing, sent out a request for affordable, sustainable designs for lots in the city’s South Central area. “We very much want to introduce new design ideas and new technologies to low- and moderate-income districts,” explains John Perfitt, executive director. “Good design and new construction methods can, over time, have a very positive influence in restoring neighborhoods.”

After whittling down the field from nine proposals, they selected a net-zero prefab design submitted by Habitat for Humanity and Minarc, a Santa Monica–based architecture firm known for its innovative, energy-efficient kit houses. Thanks to a streamlined, waste-free construction method and affordable materials, like cement board cladding and Cradle to Cradle–certified panels, the firm’s three 1,200-square-foot homes came in at the requisite $150 per square foot—including foundation, trans- portation of the modular components, and rooftop solar panels that offset 95 percent of the structures’ energy demands...

Jim Gramata's curator insight, October 27, 2014 12:17 PM

Pre-fab + net zero + affordable = new housing development model

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Sky City, China: World's tallest prefab building breaks ground in June

Sky City, China: World's tallest prefab building breaks ground in June | sustainable architecture |

Sky City in Changsha, China, will be 2750 feet tall, 220 stories, housing 30,000 people in 4450 apartments, with excavation and construction slated to begin in June, 2013.

Aiming to accommodate a growing population, the skyscraper is considered a "pragmatic" building, designed for efficiency, affordability, replicability.

The Sky City concept significantly reduces the per capita use of land, and the associated CO2 emissions generated, thus providing a means of large-scale development with a significantly lower impact on the environment.

As a result, a resident of Sky City will be using 1/100th the average land per person- learn more about this innovative building concept and its sustainable features at Treehugger.

Sofi Lapizco's curator insight, May 19, 2013 12:05 AM

En esto se muestra el diseño de un edificio el cual fue pensado en algunos de los gustos de las demas personas, pensado para que sea atractivo para todos y llamativo.

Sky City en Changsha, China, será 2.750 metros de altura, 220 pisos, viviendas 30.000 personas en 4.450 viviendas, con la excavación y la construcción debieran comenzar en junio de 2013.

Con el objetivo de dar cabida a una población cada vez mayor, el rascacielos se considera un edificio "pragmático", diseñado para la eficiencia, la asequibilidad, la replicabilidad.

El concepto Sky City reduce significativamente el uso per cápita de la tierra, y las emisiones de CO2 asociadas generadas, lo que proporciona un medio para el desarrollo a gran escala con un impacto mucho menor sobre el medio ambiente.

Como resultado, un residente de la ciudad del cielo va a utilizar 1/100o la tierra media por persona de aprender más acerca de este concepto innovador edificio y sus características sostenibles en Treehugger.

Robert T. Preston's curator insight, June 2, 2013 1:24 PM

Article about the new megalithic "Sky City" building breaking ground, this month.  A half mile tall, it will be huge, and will cut the human footprint down considerably, from people with standard homes.

Robert T. Preston's comment, June 6, 2013 9:33 PM
My wife works with the Chinese on many projects. They are quite ambitious, but occasionally, their ambition gets ahead of safety, and quality control. Let's hope that with this beast, they get it all right.
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PH-1 Modern and Green Prefab Home by Place Architects

PH-1 Modern and Green Prefab Home by Place Architects | sustainable architecture |

PLACE houses provides smart, affordable, and green prefab homes to the Puget Sound marketplace and beyond. Prefab not only describes the construction method but the process as all decisions are made upfront. Pick a model and finish package and six months later move into your new home!

The first of the PLACE houses completed, PH-1 is an expanded PH Large with an additional Accessory building featuring parking for two and office space above. Built for a busy family of five plus dogs, the stock design was adapted to create a 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath open plan home that’s stylish, durable, colorful and fun.

Solar domestic hot water supplements household systems and entirely heats the backyard lap pool; green construction saves money and resources, and the house is always filled with natural light, fresh air, views – and friends and family. Modular construction will allow 70% of the home to be factory built allowing for quicker project timelines and price points roughly 10% less than when our houses were “kit” homes...

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LivingHomes C6: Affordable, Sustainable and Prefabricated

LivingHomes C6: Affordable, Sustainable and Prefabricated | sustainable architecture |
LivingHomes has just announced the launch of their first well-designed, affordable and sustainable prefabricated home known as C6.

Starting at $179,000, the home is nearly half the cost of most other LivingHomes models and includes 34 tons of carbon offsets. It is the first to achieve LEED® Platinum and feature Cradle-to-Cradle inspired materials.

C6 was designed by the architects of LivingHomes in collaboration with Make It Right, a nonprofit founded by Brad Pitt and renowned architect William McDonough to build 150 Cradle to Cradle inspired LEED Platinum homes in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward. A portion of the proceeds from each C6 will help support the efforts of Make It Right...

Lisa Radin's curator insight, July 15, 2013 9:54 AM

#climatechange demands #innovation. 

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Colorado’s First Affordable LEED Platinum Building

Colorado’s First Affordable LEED Platinum Building | sustainable architecture |

The United States Green Building Council announced that Creekside West, non-profit Metro West Housing Solutions’ (MWHS) new 82-unit affordable apartment building for seniors, has been awarded LEED Platinum certification.

The development is not only Lakewood’s first LEED Platinum project, but also the state’s largest multi-family and first 100% affordable building to meet the challenging standard...

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Sustainable Affordable Housing in Santa Monica: Pico Place by Brooks + Scarpa

Sustainable Affordable Housing in Santa Monica: Pico Place by Brooks + Scarpa | sustainable architecture |

Pico Place is a 32-unit affordable apartment building consisting of 2 and 3-bedroom units, featuring an interior courtyard that provides a pedestrian connection with Pico Blvd.

Sustainability is an important component, with appropriate shading, natural light and ventilation, along with proper building orientation to induce buoyancy and natural breezes. A green roof is positioned to contribute to the pedestrian nature of the street.

The exterior consists of recycled cement board siding in different colors and textures, creating a contextual and varies façade. Drought tolerant/native landscaping provides a rich living environment and provide a transition from the busy commercial area immediately to the west, to the residential district to the south and east...

Lola Ripollés's curator insight, September 11, 2013 4:51 PM

Perfectamente extrapolable a España.

Aditya Khanna's comment, September 12, 2013 3:31 AM
This looks amazing
Gabbie cbg's comment, September 13, 2013 12:59 AM
good looking.
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Connect:Homes - Reinventing Modular Prefab

Connect:Homes - Reinventing Modular Prefab | sustainable architecture |

Today, two prefab veterans launch their website for a new company called Connect:Homes with a mission to 'deliver modern homes that are affordable, green, and available wherever you are'. 

The co-founders Jared Levy and Gordon Stott, both formerly with Marmol Radziner Prefab, started the Los Angeles-based enterprise to reinvent modular prefab and deliver homes that are predictably priced, inherently green, and shipped most anywhere at a lower cost.

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8 Amazing Green Buildings That Break Even on Energy Consumption

8 Amazing Green Buildings That Break Even on Energy Consumption | sustainable architecture |
As zero-energy housing becomes an increasingly successful industry, home owners are taking notice. Check out these sleek options.


A zero-energy building is one that produces as much energy as it consumes, making it a net-zero energy property and eliminating energy bills for its owners. Although zero-energy homes and buildings are quite rare today, increasing concerns about energy waste have set the stage for a growing market.

Home buyers are beginning to take interest in proactively saving money on energy, and developers are taking note of the trend, too. It appears that most developers building zero-energy homes have only built a few custom properties, Other developers, though — such as KB Home and New Town Builders — have begun rolling out production-scale zero-energy model homes at prices only marginally higher than their non-zero-energy counterparts, making such the construction process more scalable and less expensive than custom plans.


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Affordable Green Housing / OFF & Duncan Lewis SCAPE Architecture

Affordable Green Housing / OFF & Duncan Lewis SCAPE Architecture | sustainable architecture |

OFF & Duncan Lewis SCAPE Architecture shared with us their proposal for the Anglet Logements where they were invited to conciliate a project where the interests of protagonists are sometimes contradictory: the density of needed housing, the neighbors’ quality of living as well as the conservation of fauna and flora. This is an opportunity to invent new scenarios and to propose a strategy that reconciles history and development...

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Low Cost/Low Energy House for New Orleans

Low Cost/Low Energy House for New Orleans | sustainable architecture |

Hosted by Design By Many, the Passive House for New Orleans competition challenges designers to design a single-family dwelling that is sustainable in the broadest sense of the term:

affordable to build and purchase, long-lasting, with minimal impact on the local environment, and affordable to heat and cool throughout the life of the building. 

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