Stonehenge Visitor Centre by Denton Corker Marshall opens | sustainable architecture |

Stonehenge’s long-awaited visitor centre- a lightweight, delicate structure by Denton Corker m\Marshall- has opened its doors to the public. The building provides the 5,000 year old monument with dedicated on-site educational facilities and exhibition space, designed to accommodate over one million guests each year.

Ensuring the sustainability of the project, the design was as sensitive to its surroundings as possible, whereby if the building were to be removed, it would not leave a lasting scar on the landscape. Steel columns and lightweight walls minimize the depth of the foundations, allowing the design to sit on a slender concrete raft.

Recyclable and renewable materials have been used alongside locally sourced components, such as regionally grown chestnut and limestone cut from nearby quarries. In addition, the large canopy naturally shades the building, promoting natural ventilation, while a ground source heat pump provides warmth for the centre during cooler months.