Greenfab is a Platinum Modular Home | sustainable architecture |
Last week, Greenfab was awarded LEED Platinum certification for this modular home, a contemporary residence located in the Jackson Place neighborhood of Seattle.

It’s the first prefabricated, modular home in Washington to obtain this level of LEED certification and the design is part of Greenfab’s 1300 Series now available nationally.

The prefab has 1,870 square feet and several features for energy efficiency: double-glazed windows with a U-value of 0.35, R26 exterior walls, Energy Star appliances, energy recovery ventilation, heat pump electric heating, backup radiant electric heat, and a GE hybrid heat pump water heater, according to a Greenfab release.

For water conservation, the home has low-flow fixtures, dual-flush toilets, a rain garden, a 1,400-gallon water storage cistern that collects rainwater for irrigation and toilet water, and three, 300-gallon storage basics that filter and treat greywater from showers, sinks, and the washing machine.

The home is also smart wired with digital monitoring system that collects and measures data relating to weather, energy usage, and water usage in order to give the owner constant feedback via an iOS-based app.