Fig Tree Pocket House 2: a modern family home with an internal bamboo garden | sustainable architecture |

The brief for the Fig Tree Pocket house requested a modern 2 storey family home, to be built on a sloping north facing bushland site. The house is organized into 2 zones: carport, arrival & sleeping upstairs, and living, pool & courtyard downstairs. An internal 2 story linear bamboo garden along the length of the house is a shared reference point. The garden also allows for planning on both levels to enhance cross ventilation and access to daylight.

The house is anchored into the slope of the land, using the earth against walls for external thermal mass, which helps reduce heat loss in winter and maintain a cool indoor air temperature during summer, reducing the need for extra mechanical cooling or heating.

The overhang of the upper level bedroom “box” is positioned to allow for the black slate tiles on the living room slab to heat up during winter and release embodied heat during the evening. In summer the slab is shaded, while the internal 2 storey garden facilitates cross ventilation via northerly breezes through the living room...