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sustainable architecture
design strategies + innovative technologies that promote a sustainable built environment
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Energy Positive Relocatable Classroom / Anderson Anderson Architecture

Energy Positive Relocatable Classroom / Anderson Anderson Architecture | sustainable architecture |

sOne in four students in Hawaii currently study in poor-quality portable classrooms. The states plans to replace 10,000 of these units over the next ten years.

This factory-built energy-positive portable classroom provides a high performance, healthy educational environment, while minimizing energy use through careful daylighting and natural ventilation, employing photovoltaic panels to generate substantially more power than consumed. The classroom also serves as an educational tool, with natural forces and systems highlighted, and building performance monitored and broadcast to students inside, as well as to the web. The life-cycle cost is projected lower than previous generation energy-consuming portables.

Catherine Devin's curator insight, October 3, 2014 2:28 AM

Un autre exemple d'un projet tourné vers les enfants pour les préparer au monde de demain et les sensibiliser aux bons comportements à adopter dès aujourd'hui sur des enjeux critiques comme la maîtrise de la consommation d'énergie.

Reste à souhaiter qu'on initie les enfants avec autant de talent à l'intérieur du bâtiment à adopter de bonnes pratiques, qu''on a mis au service de la construction de leur école.

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Project Frog’s Modular Buildings Get $22 Million Boost

Project Frog’s Modular Buildings Get $22 Million Boost | sustainable architecture |

GE Energy Financial Services and several other funders have invested $22 million in Project Frog, a company that provides climate-sensitive design and fabrication of modular high-performance buildings. 

Project Frog began as a sustainable alternative to conventional classroom trailers and is now branching out into healthcare and other markets by usinng computer modeling to optimize buildings for their designated sites, emphasizing energy efficiency, natural ventilation, daylighting, and indoor air quality. According to Project Frog, the pre-engineered buildings can be constructed in 1 to 6 months and can readily be designed for net-zero energy or to achieve LEED certification.

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Australia’s Classroom of the Future

Australia’s Classroom of the Future | sustainable architecture |

Sustainable architecture and classrooms of the future have finally come together in an Australian green building concept that is out of this world. The latest renderings of what is arguably one of world’s most impressive sustainable educational facilities have been released and already they are causing a stir in both architectural and green building fields.
Created by architectural firm LAVA, the aptly named ‘classroom of the future’ is a design concept that sees the creation of a prefabricated, relocatable learning environment, which incorporates innovative and clever design features.

The key point of uniqueness that this design concept holds is that it is versatile. The layout of the proposed building includes a prefabricated timber roof, three timber service modules, smart panels that act as operable windows and include ‘smart’ infill panels and a ground level plinth with underground rain water collection tanks, all of which will be insulated according to the clime of the building’s location.
Customisation of the design is maximised by the three modules’ ability to interconnect in several variations, allowing the rooms to be shaped around changing class sizes.
Exterior landscape environment will also act as a makeshift outdoor class area and become a part of scholastic activities...

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