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Sustainability Science
How might we keep the lights on, water flowing, and natural world vaguely intact? It starts with grabbing innovative ideas/examples to help kick down our limits and inspire a more sustainable world. We implement with rigorous science backed by hard data.
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California Salmon Will Get a Free Ride to the Ocean—In Tanker Trucks

California Salmon Will Get a Free Ride to the Ocean—In Tanker Trucks | Sustainability Science |
If the salmon won't come to the ocean, then the ocean will come to the salmon. Well, not quite: Tanker trucks will take them there. Such are the extreme measures in California this spring, as drought forces major salmon hatcheries to funnel their fish into tanker trucks and ride them straight to the Pacific.
PIRatE Lab's insight:

No drought = no water = no fish.

PIRatE Lab's curator insight, March 14, 2014 11:34 AM

Is the fact that we need to move our salmon via trucks instead of rivers (er...I mean the few rivers that aren't dammed up) a sign that something wrong?



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Relocating 'nuisance' animals often unhealthy for wildlife

The long-distance relocation of nuisance animals may appear to benefit both people and wildlife, but often the animals end up dead. Research suggests such human/animal conflicts are best solved with short-distance relocations instead.
PIRatE Lab's insight:

This is interesting.  The problem with shorter relocation distances is the increased possibility that the critter will return to the same spot.

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