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Sustainability Science
How might we keep the lights on, water flowing, and natural world vaguely intact? It starts with grabbing innovative ideas/examples to help kick down our limits and inspire a more sustainable world. We implement with rigorous science backed by hard data.
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Ride services decimate S.F. taxi industry's business

Ride services decimate S.F. taxi industry's business | Sustainability Science |
While the MTA regulates the taxi industry, the state Public Utilities Commission has claimed jurisdiction over the new ride services, which typically contract with people to use their personal cars to carry passengers who hail them with a smartphone app. The new companies, unlike taxi operators, have lesser insurance requirements, no restrictions on the number of vehicles they put on the streets, no clean-air standards and less-stringent background checks. Among biggest impacts of the ride services has been the drop in taxi rides taken by people in ramp taxis, which carry people in wheelchairs. Director Malcolm Heinicke wants to make it mandatory for taxis to have e-hailing apps, and taxi drivers said they want the city to keep ride services and limousines out of transit-only lanes and taxi stands.
PIRatE Lab's insight:

Change is hard.  This is perhaps a classic example of how poor planning can kill an industry that provides a social good.  Is your grandma going to be able to jump on Uber and get in someone's car when she lands at the airport for Thanksgiving?

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Gas, Hybrid and Electric Cars [Infographic]

Gas, Hybrid and Electric Cars [Infographic] | Sustainability Science |

Already, electric and hybrid cars are surpassing gas engine cars in not only miles per gallon and sustainability, but also affordability.

For example, the 2013 electric Nissan Leaf runs costs from $28,800 to $34,840. This affordable midsize car gets 75 miles on a full charge and has a refuel time of just seven hours at 240 volts.

Find more information at the link.

Via Lauren Moss
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New carpool lane on northbound 405 finally set to open

New carpool lane on northbound 405 finally set to open | Sustainability Science |

After countless delays, cost overruns, gridlock gripes from Tesla's Elon Musk and a phenomenon known as "Carmageddon," officials Friday will finally unveil on the 405 Freeway the nation's longest continuous carpool lane.

PIRatE Lab's insight: only took a billion dollars, a decade of active planning/construction (on top of our twenty previous years of discussions), unions screaming for the "high paying jobs" the construction would provide, beyond aggravated motorists, etc., etc.


Who says we can't do overpriced, car-centric, gasoline-centric, dated-before-it-launches transportation planning?

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