INFOGRAPHIC: Green Movement Status Check, Post-Earth Day | Social Media, Communications and Creativity |
The U.S. green movement has been a rollercoaster of support, progress, opposition and steps backward. So what’s really going on right now? Studies have shown the growth of green initiatives, from alternative energy to sustainable building, has been almost stagnant since last year. The unstable economy has pressured many American businesses to tighten their purses and take a conservative, skeptical approach to implementing green initiatives in their operations. While working toward energy conservation means a more sustainable business and can lower long-term costs, financial payoff won’t necessarily come along for years, sometimes decades.

But slow growth doesn’t necessarily mean we’re abandoning the green front. In many cases, it means the early surge of green projects from the turn of the decade have been approaching completion between 2011-2012. The U.S. Green Building Council reported that the existing buildings certified under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program exceeded the number of new construction projects this year for the first time. In sheer footage, the USGBC recorded over 1.8 billion square feet of LEED-certified space. This means the U.S. is now seeing a record number of real, functioning buildings designed for reduced carbon emissions and sustainability...

Via Lauren Moss