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How Weather Forecasts Can Help Optimize Energy Usage

How Weather Forecasts Can Help Optimize Energy Usage | Sustain Our Earth |

Researchers at the University of Adelaide have been exploring how using public weather forecast information can help deliver significant reductions in energy consumption.


Combining information from the Bureau of Meteorology with data from existing building management systems, the researchers have developed an intelligent model that remains one step ahead of the building’s temperature changes, automatically adjusting the heating and cooling supply accordingly.

Early experimental results have provided encouraging results, with at least 10 per cent energy savings shown to be possible.

Via Lauren Moss
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Protecting Communities from Climate Change & Extreme Weather like Sandy

Protecting Communities from Climate Change & Extreme Weather like Sandy | Sustain Our Earth |

New York & New Jersey are inching toward recovery, but there's a long way to go before rebounding from Hurricane Sandy. Across the region, people are lining up for fuel for generators, buses for work & food for families. Many are without heat or medicines, and numerous families are in public-housing high rises in Lower Manhattan without access to safer alternatives.

Experts used to discuss climate change in terms of computer models and scientific forecasts. Now Americans are talking about it in its most urgent terms: people’s lives. When climate change intensifies extreme weather like hurricanes and droughts, our families—and our homes, jobs, neighborhoods, and plans for our children—feel the brunt.


Via Lauren Moss, Susan Davis Cushing
Hilary Brummel's curator insight, October 2, 2013 11:25 AM

This article was all about protecting cities from the climate change and extreme weather. New york and new jersey are both recovering right now and they don't want to have another contastrofy so they are doing many things to prevent their cities from being damaged again.