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Tour the Country’s Energy Infrastructure Through A New Interactive Map

Tour the Country’s Energy Infrastructure Through A New Interactive Map | Sustain Our Earth |

Examining the network of power plants, transmission wires, and pipelines gives new insights into the inner workings of the electrical grid.

Every time you switch on a light, charge your electronics or heat your home in the winter, you’re relying upon a tremendous network of energy infrastructure that literally stretches across the country: power plants, pipelines, transmission wires and storage facilities.

It can be hard to visualize all this infrastructure and understand how it makes abundant energy available throughout the country. To help see a bigger picture, a new map, just released by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, combines a range of data (locations of power plants, electricity lines, natural gas pipelines, refineries, storage facilities and more) into an elegant, interactive interface that helps to piece how it all fits together. You can also zoom in on your own city to see the types of power plants generating electricity nearby.

The map also includes layers of real-time information on storm movement and risks, allowing energy analysts to better understand the potential impact of storms.

Via Lauren Moss
Norm Miller's curator insight, July 30, 2013 1:32 PM

Understanding the grid in real time is somewhat facilitated by this new interactive map.

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Nonprofit hopes to help small biz plug into energy efficiency

While programs to aid and encourage large firms to reduce their energy consumption have been popular and helped to keep electricity consumption in check over the last few years in the state, small businesses have had difficulty accessing the programs due to financial and time constraints, Wrice said.

"You can't keep doing the Pratt & Whitneys of the world," she said. "At some point, you have to target these smaller businesses. Otherwise you're going to have ... boarded up main streets."

Via Streamside Solutions, Hans De Keulenaer
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