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Familiar music arouses coma patients

Familiar music arouses coma patients | Sustain Our Earth |
Last month, dozens of news outlets reported the story of Charlotte Neve, the seven-year-old girl from Lancashire who awoke from a coma after hearing one of her favourite songs. "It's a complete miracle," the girl's mother, Leila, told The Sun. "I thought I was going to lose my little girl. I climbed into her hospital bed to give her a cuddle … and Adele came on the radio. I started singing it to her because she loves her and we used to sing that song together. Charlotte started smiling and I couldn't believe it."



Via Dr. Stefan Gruenwald
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[VIDEO] What Phi (the golden ratio) Sounds Like

You've probably heard of Pi day held on 14 March, and might even know its rival Tau day on 28 June. But these circular numbers aren't the only mathematical constants worth celebrating. Just in time for today's date, known as Phi day, musician Michael Blake has composed a soundtrack in recognition of the golden ratio, represented by the Greek letter phi (see video above).




Via Sakis Koukouvis, Digital Sustainability
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