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Innovation & Sustainability at Geusseltbad Aquatic Complex, Netherlands

Innovation & Sustainability at Geusseltbad Aquatic Complex, Netherlands | Sustain Our Earth |

Masterminded by Slangen + Koenis, this swimming pool complex is the highlight and the heart of the district’s new sports complex in northeast Maastricht, near Geusselt Castle. 

Part of an ambitious modernization scheme, the project combines superb architecture with the highest environmental standards, implementing sustainable concepts and using cradle-to-cradle materials. Thanks to triple glazing, solar panels and geothermal energy, the power consumption could be curbed to one third of what one would expect for a building of this size and programmatic nature.

Via Lauren Moss, Dany Fortin
Herman van den Bosch's curator insight, December 8, 2013 6:25 PM

Tja, de Maastrichtenaren klagen steen en been. Maar de deskundigologen op architectuur en duurzaamheidgebied zijn lyrisch. Een grote opsteker voor al die bibberende zwemmers: de CO2-uitstoot is dratisch gedaald.

Professionele Mediators's comment, December 10, 2015 6:36 AM
Opslagruimte Huren in Netherlands-Salland Storage's comment, February 2, 6:13 AM
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A Transparent Work Environment in the Netherlands: Mirai House

A Transparent Work Environment in the Netherlands: Mirai House | Sustain Our Earth |

Designed by amsterdam-based architecture firm, UNStudio, the ‘mirai house’ employs a high performance skin dynamically framed in white to unify the three functions of Astellas’ headquarters in Leiden, the Netherlands.

Consisting of six storeys of offices and laboratories, and a large entrance lobby, each programmatic element has its own segment of the building encircling the central courtyard. Speaking to the company’s heritage, the garden is informed by traditional enclosed japanese landscaping. The importance of visual connection among the functions, open communication, a transparent work environment, and sufficient daylighting is emphasized by the extensive use of glass in the facade and skylights at the lower levels. 

Via Lauren Moss
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