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How economic inequality harms societies

How economic inequality harms societies | Sustain Our Earth |
We feel instinctively that societies with huge income gaps are somehow going wrong. Richard Wilkinson charts the hard data on economic inequality, and shows what gets worse when rich and poor are too far apart: real effects on health, lifespan, even such basic values as trust.

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Simple mechanisms can generate wealth inequality

Simple mechanisms can generate wealth inequality | Sustain Our Earth |

Any process that spreads things (such as wealth) out in a more-or-less uniform way on a logarithmic scale will produce an approximate power law with a slope of -1. Note that progressive taxation in which the wealthy are taxed at a higher rate than the poor does not alter the power law, only making it grow more slowly from an initial distribution in which everyone has the same wealth. If the initial condition is something close to a power law, it will remain so in the presence of any reasonable taxation and redistribution of wealth. There will always be some segment of the population whose wealth consistently increases faster than another segment. Of course individuals can change where they lie on the curve through hard work, good money management, and luck.

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Davos man thrives while the rest of us pay for his excesses

Davos man thrives while the rest of us pay for his excesses | Sustain Our Earth |

"Davos is intellectually bankrupt. But the ideology it champions won't fall just by itself. Capitalism's dead end requires intellectual challengers, social movements and trade union leaders prepared to dare to reimagine their role."

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Very good comment in the Guardian by Will Hutton.