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Rescooped by Susan Kay Daniels from Training, eBook, Social Media & Web Design!

8 Pinterest Boards Worth Creating for Your Business

8 Pinterest Boards Worth Creating for Your Business | Social Media Tips and News |

If you're not sure where to begin when crafting Pinterest boards for your business, here are eight simple and effective places to start.

In her book Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for Businessmarketing and branding expert Karen Leland provides a Pinterest roadmap that will help you drive website traffic, boost your brand and build business. In this edited excerpt, the author describes eight types of boards you can set up in order to strengthen your brand and drive traffic.

Via massimo facchinetti, Marco Favero
Susan Kay Daniels's insight:

Now that you've taken it up a notch to the Business Pinterest, have you been wondering what to do differently?

This article is very helpful for me because I loved pining as a member of Pinterest before the option for business pinning came along and really wasn't quite sure what to change or add. 

This article sheds some light on my quandry and gives eight definte tasks to start business pinners on the road to successful boards.

Here are the eight suggestions Karen Leland suggests as a place to start.

1. Topics that interest your target audience.

2. Educational value.

3. Feedback for your business.

4. Upcoming events.

5. New products or services.

6. Showcase your company culture or employees.

7. Provide social proof.

8. Discussion groups.

For my readers, when this posts on my blog, I will add a Pinterest board below for you to see how it looks when you add a Pinterest widget to your web site. I will add the instructions on how to do it as well!


Susan Daniels

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Rescooped by Susan Kay Daniels from Business And Marketing Ideas!

Pinterest – 5 Tips to Get Your Brand’s Pins Repinned

Pinterest – 5 Tips to Get Your Brand’s Pins Repinned | Social Media Tips and News |
Pinterest continues to grow and grow.

Many brands are jumping on Pinterest looking to build brand awareness and drive traffic back to their sites.

Pinterest can be a easy platform to gain spread brand messaging and product images quickly, as opposed to other social media platforms. 80% of pins on Pinterest are repinned, while only 5% of tweets on Twitter are retweeted.

The challenge is to fill pinboards with content that will get repinned. Here are our top 5 tips to get your brand’s image repinned:


Don’t Upload, Pin: When you upload content to a pinboard, you are missing out. If your goal is to get people from Pinterest to your site, they cannot do that without a link. Always pin images from your site instead of uploading.


Be Bold & Brief: Whether you are creating images for your pinboards or scouring the internet for cool, repinnable images, chose high contrast images. If your image includes text, make sure it is brief and bold.


Pin Faster: By highlighting the text and image you wish to pin and clicking the Pin It bookmarket, the text will automatically be incoporated into the comments of your pin.


Use hashtags: A tip for social media marketing that seems to work everywhere.


Price it: If you represent an online retailer, always be sure to put a dollar sign in front of your price.

by Betsy Smith

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Rescooped by Susan Kay Daniels from Training, eBook, Social Media & Web Design!

Pinterest adds Products, Recipes and Movies

Pinterest adds Products, Recipes and Movies | Social Media Tips and News |
Pinterest has announced a great new feature today called "rich pins" which attach important details to pins, like pricing or availability. This is HUGE for online retailers and customers alike!

Via Mike Allton, massimo facchinetti, Marco Favero
Susan Kay Daniels's insight:

Rich Pins on Pinterest has my attention. I am going to explore this today and come back and give more insight as the day goes on.

Please keep me posted on your findings as well.


Susan Daniels

Mike Allton's curator insight, May 20, 2013 10:00 AM

BAM! Pinterest kicks products and recipes up a notch.

Have you ever watched Emeril on TV? Not only does he create awesome food, but his unbridled enthusiasm is amazing. And if you've ever watched his live show, you know that the most-anticipated part of every dish is when he "kicks it up a notch" - usually by taking a pinch of his cayenne-based special seasoning and shouting"BAM!"

The folks at Pinterest did just that.

Pinning cool products and great-looking food has been the staple of Pinterest since its launch in 2010. Now, products are going to include Prices, Description, Availability and better linkage to the source. Recipes will include Cook Time, Ingredients and Services, and even Movies get into the act with ratings, cast information and more.

This is awesome for us users, as we can find out even more about what we're looking at and make faster decisions. I know those Batman-inspired, platinum USB storage cufflinks look cool, but now I can see that they only cost $45 and maybe I can actually entertain the idea of buying them. Or, more practically, I'm looking for a great Italian dish that I can make for my family and now, at a glance, I can see what's in that great-looking lasagna and whether or not I can even get those ingredients, without having to click through to a website.

And for businesses? Whoa. Stop reading and click through to the story right now, because you need to get started on this today. If you weren't using Pinterest before to promote your products, that needs to become your top priority for this week.

So check out these changes, and I've love to hear what you think, both as Pinterest users and as businesses taking advantage.

Susan Kay Daniels's comment, May 20, 2013 12:48 PM
This is good social media news. Thanks for your insight as well. I have been thinking about Pinterest more lately and I take your insight as a call to action. Warmly, Susan