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Rescooped by Susan Kay Daniels from Social Media e Innovación Tecnológica!

Hashtags on Google+

Hashtags on Google+ | Social Media Tips and News |
There's a misperception by some that hashtags on Google+ and other social media sites are no longer useful. In today's "Marketing Monday" article, +Greg Trujillo of CT Social debunks this myth and gives tips on how to make the best use this key feature of Google+.

Via Peg Corwin, Gladys Pintado
Susan Kay Daniels's insight:

Since I'm moving away from Facebook and spend more time on Google+ and LinkedIn, this is something I need research and implement in my daily activities on Google+. How about you?

Peg Corwin's curator insight, March 16, 9:18 PM

Make hashtags useful on Google+ by using them to

 - Index your content

 - Promote engagement

 - Gather data

Click for explanations and details.

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Bridget Baeth's curator insight, April 2, 1:16 AM

Great tips on how to make hashtags useful, even on Google+. Remember to use hashtags to their fullest potential by integrating them with your social metrics and measurements. 



Rescooped by Susan Kay Daniels from Curation Revolution!

41 New Google+ Features Plus New Photos App

41 New Google+ Features Plus New Photos App | Social Media Tips and News |
Economic Times Google boosts photo offerings to rival Facebook Economic Times SAN FRANCISCO: Google is digging deeper into its technology toolkit to turn its social networking service into a more formidable threat to Facebook, sprucing up its photo...

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
Susan Kay Daniels's insight:

Just noticed the bigger header yesterday. Google is fast becoming my social network of choice. They just keep adding more and more features that I find absolutely delightful.

Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, May 16, 2013 7:05 AM

Google Header Eats Los Angeles

Yes the Google+ Header just got bigger along with 41 other feature improvements to the leading search engine's social network. Recognizing that the most popular content on Facebook is pictures, Google+ boosted its ability to compete. Here is a quote from the Economic Times post:

"But the most compelling new attraction may be a new photo-management tool that promises to test how much control people want to cede to computers. It will also further blur the lines between a real moment in time and augmented reality."

James LaCorte's curator insight, May 20, 2013 3:38 PM

I have tested some of the changes out. I like the look and feel. They need to work on getting the masses over there, even if it is for the communities.

I do think a little better documentation is needed. 

Suggested by Michael Moustakakis!

Should You Be More Invested In Google+?

Should You Be More Invested In Google+? | Social Media Tips and News |

As a part of their plan to compete in the social sphere, Google has tried to make Google+ more attractive to businesses by giving shares and +1s more consideration in the search engine rankings to make using the site a good SEO practice. This translates to higher visibility, and therefore, more customers. All of this raises the question of whether businesses should be using Google+ for more of the internet marketing that they do.

Susan Kay Daniels's insight:

Google+ is increasingly the venue of choice for top leaders of the industry. If you haven't already, I recommend you check it out today.



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