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Surviving Social Chaos
“Don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t want plastered on a billboard with your face on it.” – Erin Bury
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7 Attitudes That Make You More Relationship Centric

7 Attitudes That Make You More Relationship Centric | Surviving Social Chaos |
Relationships are the new currency, especially now with social media giving us another world to mine and harvest great people, in addition to meeting people in person.


Being able to fit into and become a part of company culture and the new social media culture, both incredibly ethnically and demographically diverse is so essential today.


Fitting in will make you stand out, rather than trying to stand out by not fitting in. We can make a stand with our personal brand by being unique, individual and autonomous and being people centric and friendly is where it starts.

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How to Create and Grow Your Influence on a Global Social Web

How to Create and Grow Your Influence on a Global Social Web | Surviving Social Chaos |
We are living in a world where influence is migrating from offline to online.


The ability to influence is also moving from local to global. Its reach is also transitioning to mobile devices.


Reputation and influence can now be gained faster and reach further than in any other time in history.


One definition of Influence is “the capacity to have an effect on the character, development or behavior of someone or something”


To be truly successful you must have the ability and power to influence.


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John van den Brink's comment, April 27, 2012 4:38 PM
Martin, thank you for this one!
Martin Gysler's comment, April 27, 2012 4:52 PM
You're welcome John. Indeed, Jeff Bullas blog is full with very interesting stuff.