Who Owns Your Digital Content? Hint: Not You | Surviving Social Chaos | Scoop.it
Most of us don't bother reading legal terms before accepting them. But did you know that don't own all the digital content you bought on Amazon or iTunes?


Well, the natural answer is of course “Me. I bought it.”. Wrong, Apple’s and Amazon’s terms of service only grant you “nontransferable” rights to use content on up to five devices. And while this does not really affect you during your lifetime it gets tricky the moment you are pushing up the daisies. As you don’t own the content in your account you cannot give it away, either. In an analog world it was your spouse or your children who came into the joy of your rare LP or book collection. Not so in the digital age.


===> Your heirs won’t get access to the songs, albums, movies or books in your library. <===


Via Gust MEES