Retailer Uses Facebook “Like” Count On Clothes Hooks To Crowdsource Fashion Advice | Surviving Social Chaos |

The Brazilian fashion retailer C&A has created networked clothes hooks that display the total number of Facebook “Likes” for each garment in real time. On the company’s Facebook page, pictures of various outfits are shown that users can Like, and those totals are fed into the hooks in the São Paulo store. While using Facebook to advertise clothes offerings isn’t anything new, physically displaying them in a store is. Although fairly simple in its delivery, the initiative, called Fashion Like, is a novel way to bridge the physical and virtual worlds for customers.

The promotional video for the service pitches the idea like this (translated from Portuguese): “When they go clothes shopping, women always feel insecure and want a second opinion.


But one second opinion is never enough. So how about finding what everyone on Facebook thinks of a particular item of clothing?”


At the end, viewers are presented with an altruistic pitch: “So give ‘Likes’ to the clothes you like more and help thousands of women in their difficult mission of choosing the ideal outfit.”

Via Sakis Koukouvis