Case Studies: How to Use Storytelling as a Marketing Power Tool | Success Leadership |
Traditional advertising can get lost in the daily media blitz. Give people what they really love: stories.


Yes, absolutely. I like this article because it covers all of the 'why' questions -- about why you would use case studies.  These are really good points showing how they are a powerful marketing tool.


The author then shares the 'rules' to follow to create your case study. Well, they are OK as far is it goes. But here are the critical rules that were left out:

Add contrast/drama Add sensory material (the language of the senses) Use conversational language -- avoid business speak!


If you miss including these three rules, you will create case studies that are dry dry dry as toast and as boring as watching grass grow. And frankly, boring case studies are the norm in business. I deal with this every single time with my clients.


So follow these 'rules', but make your case studies come alive as stories using all the storytelling tools available to you. That's the way to stay out of the quicksand and bring more customers knocking on your door.

Via Karen Dietz