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Five Big Changes to the Future of Teacher Education

Five Big Changes to the Future of Teacher Education | Studying Teaching and Learning |

Getty In the book Teaching 2030 by Barnett Berry and 12 classroom experts, the authors pinpoint specific skills educators will need to teach in the schools of tomorrow.


They say teachers must be prepared to find and adapt new technologies to engage the digital generation, as well as work across traditional subject areas using project learning.


They must be able to use data and evidence to inform their practice and know how to work in both virtual learning environments and brick-and-mortar schools. And they’ll need to collaborate with community-based organizations and work in schools that provide all kinds of other services for students and their families.


Along those lines, Berry has outlined five changes he believes need to be made to the future of teacher education.


Via Gust MEES
Ludmila Smirnova's curator insight, May 14, 2014 3:37 PM

It is so true, Gust! Teaching is not transmitting the knowledge, it is igniting the light for learning through collaboration, curation and teacher's passion for learning!

Dorothy Retha Cook's curator insight, May 18, 4:50 PM


Olaya Alvarez's curator insight, May 30, 5:37 PM

Teacher education programs need to ensure that pre-service teachers learn crucial skills for their future work as educators

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Wiki founder to build open access site for UK research

Wiki founder to build open access site for UK research | Studying Teaching and Learning |

"The British government has enlisted the services of Wikipedia in a push to make all taxpayer-funded academic research from the UK freely available online – regardless of whether it is also published in a subscription-only journal..."

"Leading members of Australia’s open access movement have applauded the UK initiative, but are less than optimistic about the prospect that Canberra will follow suit."

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