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Scooped by Stewart-Marshall!

Minecraft In Education: How Video Games Are Teaching Kids

Minecraft In Education: How Video Games Are Teaching Kids | Studying Teaching and Learning |
MINECON 2012: Some enterprising teachers are using Minecraft to teach subjects like physics, geography, and English language, and with promising results.

There are many positive aspects of games -- such as increased hand-eye coordination and social problem solving.  At Minecon, some attendees have taken the next step by using Minecraft to aid them in teaching children. It's a bold move, and one that's encountered some resistance, but they've seen some very positive results: increased attention levels, better collaboration with other students, and of course, better grades.

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Serious games: online games for learning

Serious games, expected to be a US$1.5 billion global market in 2008, are being described by some analysts as the next wave of technology-mediated learning. As organizations intensify their efforts to engage with members of today’s workforce, serious games offer a powerful, effective approach to learning and skills development.

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