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Student Learning through School Libraries
Building evidence of impact through research and professional practice
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Using Data to Influence Stakeholders

Chart was created by Debra Kachel identifies findings from the study conducted by Keith Curry Lance and Bill Schwarz, 'How Pennsylvania School Libraries Pay Off: Investments in Student Achievement and Academic Standards'.

lyn_hay's insight:

The chart provides teacher librarians with an excellent model for interrogating research reports and extracting findings from research that can be used to inform the 'message' to influence a stakeholder group within the school community.

Highly recommended reading for TLs who are seeking ways of building an advocacy campaign within their local community.

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School Library Monthly - Research that Resonates: Influencing Stakeholders”

School Library Monthly - Research that Resonates: Influencing Stakeholders” | Student Learning through School Libraries |
The library profession has strong evidence that students in schools with good school libraries learn more, achieve academic standards, and score higher on standardized tests than students in schools without school libraries and librarians. School librarians must seize the charge to use this body of research and master "messaging" strategies to create library advocates among school and community stakeholders and, hopefully, one or two school library champions.
lyn_hay's insight:

A practical article by Deb Kachel providing teacher librarians with strategies to develop their capacity to present a carefully crafted argument on the importance of school libraries based on research findings of school library impact studies. I love her closing statement: "School librarians must learn, embrace, and share these research findings." Absolutely!

Maria Jose Vitorino's curator insight, March 12, 9:43 AM
For a teacher: "Co-teaching reduces your workload and provides students with more individualized instruction."For an administrator: "Studies have shown that school libraries can improve student test scores."For a parent: "The library program can help your teen become career and college ready."For a school board member: "It is difficult to help students achieve the reading targets without the kind of books that students want to read. The school library supports students' reading interests."For the curriculum coordinator: "When school librarians and teachers work together, they teach information skills, content, and Common Core standards all in one lesson or unit. Students learn more in a shortened amount of time and benefit from the expertise of two educators."To the Learning Support Coordinator: "The research shows that the reading and writing scores improve for struggling students—ELL, deficient readers, the disabled—when they use school libraries and are taught by a school librarian."
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