22 Photographs of Amazing #StreetArt Around the World | Street Art | Scoop.it

‘Street art’ is a pretty slippery idea.

At first glance, we could slap a pretty easy definition on it: art in the streets. The common examples are paint-based (usually spray paint) visual presentations. A sort of post-vandalism graffiti art.

But then again – unless the artist asked permission to adorn a particular private or public building with paint (some do, most don’t), that ‘art’ could still be called vandalism too. And what exactly prevents ‘normal’ graffiti or spray-painted vandalism from being art? After all, it’s all expression of some sort, with a heavy emphasis on aesthetic intention.

Is a heavily stylized, aesthetically cohesive spray-painted mural of a gang name, art?

We’ve collected here some of the most moving examples of street art out there. Some for their technical skill, some for insightful messages, some for aesthetic beauty.

Enjoy, and let yourself play with the ideas of what ‘street art’ really is. Perhaps there’s art and beauty all around us, just waiting to be recognized.

Via MHB Numerik