Strategy and Information Analysis
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Strategy and Information Analysis
A collection of items for strategists and problems-solvers who aim to be well-informed about global affairs and perspectives; capable of developing and evaluating new knowledge; generating and analyzing courses of action; and who are interested in expressing clearly reasoned opinions and communicating effectively in writing, oral presentation, and visual display.
Curated by Randy Borum
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The Deep Mission of Public Libraries

The Deep Mission of Public Libraries | Strategy and Information Analysis |
Why do we have public libraries? Many of today's librarians like to talk about themselves as "information brokers" or "knowledge facilitators."  

We talk about our skill in finding and organizing information.  And sure, we’ve got those skills.

But what we really do is support literacy.  This is our deeper mission.



Our patrons need help with every level of technology literacy.  From those who come in who don’t know how to use a mouse, to those who’re interested in building a computer from scratch, the library could provide a wide range of resources for a wide diversity of people.  We can help our community to practice and perfect our skill in understanding, using, and appreciating technology and digital content.

We’re kind-of getting there.  We’ve got computers and the free internet for our patrons.  We’re doing some classes and programs to help people develop their skills.  And then of course we’ve got the maker movement.

It is in this context, of expanded literacy, that the maker fad starts to become something more important.  Maker Spaces are totally hot right now.  Everybody wants a 3D printer.

We’re in a bubble of bandwagonism.  But after this settles down, I think we’ll be in a better place.  It will be more accepted to support digital literacy, from helping patrons understand where the url bar is to helping patrons understand how to build an app, wire a circuit, or repair their PC.  We won’t be so rabid about it, but we’ll have the foundations in place to really get down to work."

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Karen du Toit's curator insight, October 30, 2013 9:23 AM

Future of the public library! 

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Data Analytics & Big Data: An infographic guide

Data Analytics & Big Data: An infographic guide | Strategy and Information Analysis |

The quick reference guide to big data and data analytics; from the definition to the history and future applications of big data.

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Aurélia-Claire Jaeger's curator insight, January 31, 2013 3:03 AM

Superbe infographie pour un résumé en image !

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Big Data clarity from Deloitte....