Storytelling in Web Design | Best Storytelling Picks |

Stories are the primary way we absorb, manage, store, access and communicate information, as well as connect with others. It is how our brains are wired, and how we make sense of an otherwise seemingly chaotic and random world. Indeed, our brains respond to content by looking for the story that explains the situation. The story helps us create cognitive maps, mental models and narratives.


Storytelling is a powerful communication and connection tool...


Much of what needs to be considered when creating a story is the same as what’s needed for creating a website or app:


* Who is the audience?

* What are your goals?

* Do you have a clear meaning?


A good story has a good flow, makes a point and is most effective by showing, not telling. Good stories keep your audience engaged, and use a familiar structure to capture attention so that users want to know what happens next and are compelled to continue following the story. Doesn’t that sound very similar to the things we strive for when building websites?

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