7 Tips for Finding Stories in Your Organization -- Nonprofit or For Profit | Storytelling for Nonprofits | Scoop.it

Here are some tips on how you can elicit stories about your organization from colleagues, board members, donors, clients, grantees, and others.


Whenever I work with an organization, the toughest part is figuring out how to make storytelling a sustainable activity.  This article helps solve one part of the problem -- how to evoke & collect stories from your stakeholders.


Evoking stories is a skill. I've worked with plenty of organizations who have tried to collect stories and failed miserably because they did not know the specific techniques for evoking stories in others.


So thank you Thaler for these 7 tips! Follow them and you will evoke amazing stories from others.  These tips will make all the difference for you.

Via Karen Dietz