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StoryBranding: How brands can embrace the power of story
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Scooped by Jim Signorelli,Story-Lab!

StoryBranding Scoops

StoryBranding Scoops | StoryBranding: How brands can embrace the power of story |
Jim Signorelli,Story-Lab's insight:

What do you get when you combine elements of storytelling, purpose-driven marketing and content strategy?  

We call it StoryBranding.

StoryBranding is both a unique approach and philosophy that stems from the belief that the best marketing  should not feel like marketing.  It should feel like a story. 

There are plenty of writers and videographers who have set out to spread the word about StoryBranding.    What follows is a monthly curation of just some of those articles that I have come across  on the subject.  You can review the entire collection on my blog,


Whether you are marketing a Fortune 100 brand, a local retail establishment or trying to develop a more effective personal brand, what follows will help in your quest. 

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Scooped by Jim Signorelli,Story-Lab!

What is "StoryBranding" and how is it different from storytelling?

This short video talks about the fundamentals of StoryBranding as discussed in Jim Signorelli's best selling book on the subject: StoryBranding: Creating Sta...
Parker Donat's curator insight, April 9, 2013 6:39 PM

As the idea of story branding becomes more accepted the stories businesses tell are going to increase in effectiveness. 


It's not about how much money you have, it is about how good your story is for me to buy your product or service.