Story Selling
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Story Selling
The Power of Story in Sales and Marketing
Curated by Ken Jondahl
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Rescooped by Ken Jondahl from Customer Experience | The How not the Why!

Story Selling is Not About Boring Power Point Pitches

Story Selling is Not About Boring Power Point Pitches | Story Selling |

"Admit it – you’re sick to death of being forced to sit through boring Power Point pitches, given by drab salespeople in stifling conference rooms. The real problem is that it isn’t just you that feels this way!"


"Your prospective customers are just as burned out on these traditional marketing methods as you are – which means that you’ve got to bring something new to the table if you want to be an effective B2B salesperson."


"One particular model to consider is the visual story. In this approach, marketing messages are conveyed in a way that is easiest for the brain to process. A voice narrates your message as the visual images supports it."


Read the full article on ideas of how to use visual story telling to help your sales and marketing personal connect and inspire your customers.


Customer experience is not about death by Power Point. Help them create a vision of a solution using your products and services based on value with visual stories.

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Scooped by Ken Jondahl!

Connecting is 90 percent of the Sales Profession

Connecting is 90 percent of the Sales Profession | Story Selling |

"How is it that we all missed the boat all these years on what’s important? Our most basic human need is to connect with each other; to connect with our ideas and beliefs. Isn’t that something that we, in the sales profession, should strive for?"


My personal story (John Burke, Oracle)


"I was never given permission to go there, to have my own identity as a sales professional, to let people into what makes me tick. No wonder I had trouble trying to get others to open up with me and share the things that make them tick. The companies I worked for hammered me with the company’s elevator pitch, the value prop, how to ROI someone to death; best case scenario was that stuff would result in a left-brain argument.


Changing the game


"What if, as John says in this video, we start with the important stuff? What if we help people rediscover the power of connecting with each other and what we believe in…the 90% of what it takes to make a sale? Set aside the sales-y part of this and hear the story of a seasoned veteran looking for a better way."

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Scooped by Ken Jondahl!

Story Selling or Challenging the Customer - Teaching, Tailor Messaging, Connecting

Story Selling or Challenging the Customer - Teaching, Tailor Messaging, Connecting | Story Selling |

"Selling Is Not About Relationships"


The next best method on "how to sell", is all about "how to sell". It is curious the "buyers journey" is not part of the sales method.


From the article: "Ask any sales leader how selling has changed in the past decade, and you'll hear a lot of answers but only one recurring theme: It's a lot harder. Yet even in these difficult times, every sales organization has a few stellar performers. Who are these people? How can we bottle their magic?"


"To understand what sets apart this special group of sales reps, the Sales Executive Council launched a global study of sales rep productivity three years ago involving more than 6,000 reps across nearly 100 companies in multiple industries."


The article explains the study and begins to define the current top sales performers, who are called "The Challenger". Yet an interesting point, the buyers journey is not part of the study.


A sales person with the Challenger profile, (there are 5 profiles in total):


1 - Teaches

2 - Tailors their customer messages

3 - "Takes control" of the sale


To me, "take control" is an inside out view. Another way to say this from a customer’s perspective is to help a buyer make an appropriate buying decision. Especially if the customer is buying a product or service which is difficult to understand. Helping to manage the buying process, without over managing. If this is considered "take control", then I agree.


There is one large piece missing from the study which all of us in sales struggles with, which is how to "connect" with the customer.


Here is a video of John Burke of Oracle describing how he views connection and it's importance in the buyers journey.


Sales methods continue to progress from the old days when it was all about "what you sell", (feature/benefit), to it is all about "how you sell", (such as SPIN, Consultative Selling, Solution Selling, and now the Challenger method).


The next leg of the journey which is showing up more and more, the buyers journey, also called the buy-sell cycle.


Which is leading is up to: It is not about "how you sell", it is all about "how your customers buy your products and services." With the objective being to help customers have a "Vision of a Solution Based on Value". The power of story, watching the video of John Burke of Oracle above will likely be part of the next evolution in sales.

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