Story Selling
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Story Selling
The Power of Story in Sales and Marketing
Curated by Ken Jondahl
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4 Ways to Create B2B Content with Story

4 Ways to Create B2B Content with Story | Story Selling |

The hero of the stories in B2B is not the supplier or vendor, it is the customer.


Customers prefer to read success stories which help explain the who, what, where, why and when.

With the focus of the story around the journey a similiar customer took to satisfy their needs.

Here are 4 ways companies can help generate better B2B marketing content focused on helping the customer achieve their needs.


#1 Teach with Story and Sell with Subtleness


#2  Teach with Video and add a Personal Touch


#3 Teach with Urgency and a Call to Action


#4 Teach Through Comparison


The 6th "W" in Journalism is called "how". Many success stories begin with the how, yet new potential customers do not even know if they may have a similiar need to over come. Start with the 5 "W's" and end with "how" the problems and issues were overcome.

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Story Telling an Untapped Capability in B2B Sales

Story Telling an Untapped Capability in B2B Sales | Story Selling |

I recently spent a wonderful half-hour interviewing sales training industry legend, Mike Bosworth.  Mike’s latest passion is working with salespeople on an under-utilized, but critical skill, storytelling.

Shortly after I started ESR, the subject came up.  I was skeptical as well. But after you listen to Mike discuss how it all works, you may very well have a different opinion.

Click here to listen to (or download) podcast (28:14 / 26 mb)
(There may be a delay while the podcast downloads.)

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Effective Sales Prospecting, Chris's Story

Effective Sales Prospecting leads to the Best Buying Experience.  Let me tell you a story about Chris.  Chris found that selling was still just a numbers game. Each of his sales calls started with the same message: "At ABC Co., we're the world's leading..."

Chris is now a Story Leader instead. He is calling on a new buyer and, as expected, the buyer raises the Barrier. This time Chris is prepared...

Chris observes being a typical salesman does not allow him to connect with new buyers on first contact. Learn how he develops the ability to connect, influence and inspire those he wants to do business with while building trust.

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How Storytelling Helps You Sell

How Storytelling Helps You Sell | Story Selling |

If you've been in sales for more than a week or two, you've undoubtedly heard of Mike Bosworth.

He's the author of two huge and highly influential best-selling books in the sales training field: Solution Selling and Customer-Centric Selling.

Mike has recently gone through a major transformation in how he trains people to sell. Yesterday we spent some time talking, and here's the high points of that conversation:

Geoffrey James: Why have you changed your approach to sales training?

Mike Bosworth: When I worked at Xerox in the 1980s, I heard about the 80/20 rule, where 20% of the sales reps were booking 80% of the business. That was the genesis of my work in sales training, which has been focused on trying to make that other 80% more effective.

However, rather than helping the bottom 80%, I discovered that what I was teaching, as well as what many other sales trainers were teaching, tended to improve the performance of the top 20%. In fact, it appears that the main effect of decades of sales training has been to turn the 80/20 rule into a 87/13 rule!

GJ: What was the reason for the failure?

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Story Telling and Selling In Business

Roger E Jones is a corporate storyteller, keynote speaker and Boardroom coach. He enables leaders to unlock the hidden ROI of storytelling.
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Winning the Story Wars - Connecting with Your Customers

Behind every great civilization is a good story. That's the premise of a new book called Winning the Story Wars, by Jonah Sachs.

Set for a July release by Harvard Business Review Press, the book argues that the key to a strong  brand and powerful marketing is leveraging the potency in myths of old.

It is, what Sachs calls, empowerment marketing—that is, setting brands and campaigns within the context of uplifting stories that inspire customers to adventure, higher values, and citizenship, instead of shrinking consumers back into fear, insecurity, and passive consumption.

These stories appeal to our most basic human sensitivities and also build a better world. Sachs calls us to return to this kind of story strategy, infusing new digital tools with these powerful lessons from the greatest legends and myths of all time.

The beautifully animated video not only dives into empowerment marketing, it also tells a great story.


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The Power of Listening

The Power of Listening | Story Selling |

While sales trainers always talk about the importance of listening, they almost never explain how to do it effectively. Well, it turns out that listening is the most important part of telling a compelling story.

It sounds backwards, but it's true! To help you understand why, here's an interview with sales trainer Ben Zoldan.

Geoffry James: Tell me a little about yourself.

Ben Zoldan: When I graduated college in June 1993, I had no idea what was next. Sales seemed logical and I found a company that took a chance on me. In the beginning, selling was purely just a numbers game.

After a couple of years, I got promoted into sales management and went from "hero to zero" over night. I learned, first hand, how difficult it was to get the majority of salespeople to do what comes natural to the very "few."

In 1998, I had the good fortune of attending Mike Bosworth's Solution Selling training, but it wasn't until 2002 that we began our partnership together.

GJ: You've been a sales trainer for some years. What made you change your approach?

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The Science of Selling Through Emotional Connection

The Science of Selling Through Emotional Connection | Story Selling |

Why are some salespeople so much more effective than others?

StoryLeaders™ was founded to provide insight into the greatest mystery in sales: how the very best salespeople consistently and successfully influence change in others, inspiring their customers to say yes.

Top-performing salespeople have always had a knack for forging the types of connections that foster collaboration and the reciprocal sharing of ideas and beliefs. Connections that can move people to change.

Until now, this has been considered an innate talent. We have synthesized discoveries in neuro-science, psychology, sociology, anthropology, and other disciplines, combining it all into a field-tested framework—helping salespeople break down barriers, build trust, forge meaningful relationships, and win more customers.

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