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Todd Henry CreativeLive - Check Points

Todd Henry CreativeLive - Check Points | Story |
#Sketchnotes from @ToddHenry @CreativeLive Talking about check points: #creativity

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Leadership With Simon Sinek: Serving Those Who Serve Others

Jonathan Fields of Good Life Project spent close to an hour in deep conversation with Sinek discussing the impact of leadership, and how we should all be pushing ourselves by asking more questions and demanding that these questions be answered in a much simpler way.

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Don Cloud's curator insight, October 12, 2013 10:10 AM

Kenneth, thanks for sharing! 


An insight-packed chat with Simon Sinek!  Worth your time!

Richard Dillard, PMP, SSBB, ABD 7.1's curator insight, October 12, 2013 1:23 PM

"The worst leaders are the ones that think they have to know as much or more than the poeple who work with them." - Simon Sinek


Simon may be on to something basic here, in spite of his misplaced reference to evolution, his misunderstanding of the human mind when it comes to self-preservation (the first law of nature), his miscomparison of human beings to animals and the obvious implications of overlooking the moral law giver when it comes to right and wrong (the first law of human nature).  In other words, while there is nothing in evolution that explains the imperative to tell the truth as apposed to telling a lie or accounts for developing an "attitude of giving" or a wllingness to sacrifice for others, we can and should take seriously this idea of accepting that we, as leaders, don't (and can't, by definition, if you accept that teams outperform individuals even when that individual is the team lead) know more than those who work with us and every time we act as if we do, it signals the beginning of a demise and our failure as leaders. 


We should also altogether support Simon's rejection of the leadership of Jack Welch (GE) and his veneration of the leadership of Jim Sinegal (COSTCO). 


In fact, many of the ideas presented by Simon in this interview are consistent with the things I wrote about in my latest book, but we'd likely differ on the cause (whether the first or most proximate) of a Leadership - Culture - Performance connection in producing the effects being endorsed.  The obvious question now is, does it really matter where we ascribe the cause of right and effective leadership?  I believe it does matter and provide the rationale on pages 96 and 97 of Real Leadership! Are You Ready?

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Todd Henry: How To Get Unstuck And Unleash Your Creativity Today

Todd Henry: How To Get Unstuck And Unleash Your Creativity Today | Story |
Todd Henry is the author of The Accidental Creative, founder of Accidental Creative and the author of the new book, Die Empty: Unleash Your Best Work Every Day.

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