Vimeo's Karoline K. explains how stories are integral to understanding your customers so you can design effective solutions (products/services) for them. This is a great video!


Rule #1 in business: people are searching for solutions and it is your job to find out what they are searching for and fill that need. NOT decide what they need and try to convince them to buy it. Well, OK -- you could do it that way but it's a struggle.


Surveys and focus groups will only get you so far. Interviewing your customers/prospects and evoking stories from them will gain you rich rich material that will guide your product development/service delivery. You will gain not only material about how to design your product, but how to connect with your prospects in marketing and advertising efforts.


Stop using focus groups -- create story gathering sessions with your prospects.  Don't ask for descriptions, information, or opinions. Ask them to tell you about a time order to evoke an authentic story.  You will be amazed at the results.


Now go enjoy watching this video! 

Via Karen Dietz