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What Results Should You Expect From Twitter?

What Results Should You Expect From Twitter? | SteveB's Social Learning Scoop |

Twitter is a great way to build and engage an audience with short, timely, relevant messages, but if you’re trying to drive traffic to your website, what results should you expect in terms of click-through rates?

Check out this Infographic by Joanna Franchetti from Sign-Up, who analysed tens of thousands of tweets sent through Sign-Up’s Twitter marketing tools in the first seven months of 2012 to find out the answer.

Looking at average click through rates (CTR) from tweets and how this varied by the number of followers, day of the week and time of tweet.

They found that the average click through rate for a tweet is 1.64% (just over half the rate of email, which averages 2.95%), and that this declines rapidly as your number of followers increases. They also found that clicks tend to increase later in the day, peaking at around 6pm.


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SteveB's Social Learning Scoop
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SteveB's Social Learning Scoop

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Ultimate Content Checklist

Ultimate Content Checklist | SteveB's Social Learning Scoop |
Whether you are a writer, or manage a team of writers, use this colossal content writing checklist to create a compelling message for your audience.

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Neil Ferree's curator insight, March 26, 1:41 PM

Try to employ as many of these content marketing dynamics into each and every article you write.

  1. Put Yourself In Your Reader’s Place
  2. Use “You” More Often
  3. Focus on Emotions
  4. Know What Words Have Emotions
  5. Practice Your Storytelling Skills
  6. Be Unique
  7. Think Like a Reporter
  8. Be a Critical Thinker
  9. Always Look for Inspiration
  10. Store Topic Ideas You Can Use Later
  11. Take Advantage of Free Resources
  12. Use Calls to Action
  13. Avoid Telling the World How Great You Are
  14. Ditch “Welcome to Our Website!”
  15. Create a Killer Headline and First Paragraph
  16. Make Your Message Easy to Follow
  17. Write to the Correct Reading Level
  18. Be Practical
  19. Be Personal
  20. Develop Personas before Creating Content
  21. Capture the “Yes That’s Me!” Moment
  22. People Love Lists—Use Them
  23. People Love the Top Questions Asked—Use Them
  24. Humans Want to Connect
  25. Use an Editorial Calendar
  26. Make Sure Each Piece of Content Has a Purpose
  27. Give a “Behind the Scenes” Glimpse
  28. Use the Right Tone
  29. Incorporate a Consistent Voice
  30. Recognize SEO and Content Shouldn’t Live in Silos
  31. Incorporate Keywords
  32. Title and Description Tags Are Your Friends
  33. Utilize Various Publishing Platforms
  34. When Writing B2B, Know Your Decision Maker
  35. Make Your Content Relatable to Your Audience
  36. Don’t Forget Spelling and Grammar Matter, Too
  37. Share, Share, Share!

[Bonus Tip] Imitate Excellence

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Content Marketing ROI Starts With A Strong Business Case

Content Marketing ROI Starts With A Strong Business Case | SteveB's Social Learning Scoop |
Content Marketing ROI is probably the biggest question I get from marketers who are struggling to build their own business case internally. We know our cus

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How Do You Answer ‘What Is The ROI of Content?’