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There's no app for good teaching

There's no app for good teaching | SteveB's Social Learning Scoop |

"Eight solid, actionable tips for using tech in ways that actually improve the classroom ..."

Via Leona Ungerer
Melissa Marshall's curator insight, September 8, 1:24 AM

This is a great article for keeping perspective in a tech-soaked classroom. 

1. Put the learning goals ahead of the technology. 

2. Opt for the open-ended.

3. Don’t let tech make learning easy.

4. Take feedback seriously.

5. Stay skeptical of individualised learning — for now.

6. Bring in student interests, authentically.

7. Start conversations.

8. Make it open, make it better.

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Free Screen Capture - ScreenHunter Free

Free Screen Capture - ScreenHunter Free | SteveB's Social Learning Scoop |

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Twitter is about to change the news media – again | Michael Wolff

Twitter is about to change the news media – again | Michael Wolff | SteveB's Social Learning Scoop |

...The news industry as a whole is shrinking. Advertisers have become more resistant to not just newspapers but all news media. Twitter might well have been a more attractive proposition if it had evolved into a micro-blogging tool for special interest and niche writers who advertisers are more partial to. But news is where Twitter has most squarely ended up. And the news business might actually be pretty good if you can make yourself the dominant player in it, the must-have, must-use, need-to-rely-on player in the business – and if you are the only one.


The Twitter direction is clear: It has found itself as an ad hoc, albeit still inchoate, but ever-increasing focal point for the distribution of news. More and more people turn first to Twitter for their news. As significantly, almost every news professional turns first to Twitter for news – every news professional, personally and organizationally, increasingly sees success as a function of its Twitter reaction. Now Twitter has to make money out of this. It will not do this by finding and creating its own news. Rather, it will do this by increasing the dominance and leverage of its redistributor position....

Via Jeff Domansky, Joshua Sng, Lynnette Van Dyke
Han Xin Yi's comment, August 28, 2013 9:38 AM
Twitter’s involvement in news media has made the social networking site a prominent player amongst new media. In this Internet age, many people want information quick and fast. Twitter’s swift delivery of bite-sized information makes it suitable as a platform for news media though it is important to for the voices of people to corroborate with information from official news sites.
Chua Fang Jing Annette's comment, August 29, 2013 3:02 PM
Although Twitter may be able to change the news media, it might not be able to affect it as great as the author claims. Despite being convenient for many, the news on Twitter may not be justified. Therefore, although Twitter may be able to change the news media, old-media still holds its importance.
Shanel Evaron Ho's comment, August 29, 2013 7:16 PM
Although Twitter may be viewed as bad because it often distracts people from doing work, it is actually also a good and useful source of news. It is able to convey information fast to Twitter users and of course convenient for many. However, as Twitter may not be as credible as compared to other news media, it may not be that preferred a platform for news.
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The Future of Web and Technology [Infographic]

The Future of Web and Technology [Infographic] | SteveB's Social Learning Scoop |

Infografica su  Il futuro del Web e della Tecnologia  descrive sui prodotti trend e le innovazioni in rapida crescita di anno in anno. Realtà aumentata ei suoi prodotti essendo il nucleo di tecnologie avanzate in futuro. Google vetro, realtà aumentata basata gadget indossabili, stampanti 3d, il cloud computing, tecnologie didattiche, saltare movimento, un altro prodotto AR Oculus Rift, lenti a contatto AR, agente smartwatch e gadget correlati, contribuiscono al web e alla tecnologia.

Via Lauren Moss, Marco Favero
Orlando Delgado's curator insight, July 4, 1:46 PM

Wearable gadgets and other trends taking off...

Triangle Software's curator insight, July 6, 7:44 AM

With so many technology innovations being developed and implemented - what do you see as the next innovation for your industry?

Jeremy Cooke's curator insight, July 16, 7:05 AM

Another interesting area for games and generesal digital creativity.. now where did I put that Bamzooki ?


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20 Innovative Education Technology Pinterest Boards

20 Innovative Education Technology Pinterest Boards | SteveB's Social Learning Scoop |
There are thousands of useful education technology Pinterest boards out there and we've only just scratched the surface. Hope you find some of these boards useful!

Via TechinBiz, Pekka Puhakka
Linda Ashida's curator insight, January 8, 9:37 PM

A great resource!

Donald Laing's curator insight, January 10, 11:43 AM

good idea