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by Kate Meersschaert


HacKIDemia is a mobile invention lab that enables future changemakers to access and create a hands-on STEAM education that will enable them to solve specific challenges by developing and testing creative solutions and physical artifacts. (from the Hackidemia site)


Curiosity, Empathy and Play

"With a focus on fostering "curiosity, empathy and play" and combining science, technology, storytelling and art HacKIDemia is helping the next generation of "autonomous" thinkers discover the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Fine Arts and Math) fields. Through the group's mobile "maker" workshops, toolkits, mentor training and support of local grassroots entrepreneurship efforts, HacKIDemia is going above and beyond what most "maker" programs offer by attempting to engage a wide range of stakeholders in not only the traditional STEM subjects, but also the fine arts and crafts. HacKIDemia is also uniquely focused on helping young children to discover STEAM fields ranging from 3D printing, micro-electronics, programming, robotics, crafting, biotech and even physics."

Via Jim Lerman, Bonnie Bracey Sutton