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Rescooped by Bonnie Bracey Sutton from Geography Education!

Pun-Fueled Food Maps

Pun-Fueled Food Maps | STEM Connections |
U.S. Map + Haha + Yum = Foodnited States of America

Via Seth Dixon
Julie Cidell's curator insight, March 9, 10:34 AM

Puns and maps and food all in one place; what's not to love?

zane alan berger's curator insight, March 24, 3:58 PM

This article relating to our agricultural unit boasts a fun way to view all 50 states by showing foods in the shape of a state along with a playful pun.

Paul Farias's curator insight, April 9, 1:09 PM

I think the one that got me the best, was Arrozona thats a good one!

Rescooped by Bonnie Bracey Sutton from Geography Education!

The Globemaker

"A short film about Peter Bellerby, artisan globemaker and founder of Bellerby and Co. Globemakers.  Directed by Charles Arran Busk & Jamie McGregor Smith."

Via Seth Dixon
Seth Dixon's curator insight, January 12, 2:27 PM

Yes, these globes are precise archives filled with geospatial data and locational information--however, that pales in comparison to the artistic brilliance of the globes. These hand-crafted globes are truly works of art.  Marvel at the merger of mathematical precision and artistic design that makes a globe such as these a cartographic gem.   If anybody want to get me a Christmas present, you know that I love cartographic gifts.     

Tags: cartography, visualization, mapping, artgeo-inspiration.

Maricarmen Husson's curator insight, January 13, 8:26 AM

Un short film sobre Peter Bellerby, artesano fabricante de globos terráqueos y fundador de Bellerby and Co.Globemakers dirigida por Charles Arran Busk & Jamie McGregor Smith.

Bharat Employment's curator insight, January 13, 11:57 PM

Rescooped by Bonnie Bracey Sutton from U.S HISTORY SHACK : MIKE BUSARELLO!

How Cultures Move Across Continents

How Cultures Move Across Continents | STEM Connections |
Researchers have mapped the travels of 150,000 artists, politicians and religious leaders over the past 2,000 years. The videos reveal how cultural achievements ebb and flow across the U.S and Europe.

Via Nancy Watson, Mike Busarello's Digital Storybooks
Nancy Watson's curator insight, August 8, 2014 8:24 AM

Interactive map of migration of the west

Rescooped by Bonnie Bracey Sutton from Diversity in Science!

University pushes arts in STEM curriculum

University pushes arts in STEM curriculum | STEM Connections |

Via Brenee King
Brenee King's curator insight, October 23, 2013 10:22 PM

Love this connection between art and STEM!

Rescooped by Bonnie Bracey Sutton from Geography Education!

Earth Structural Layer Cake

Earth Structural Layer Cake | STEM Connections |

"One of their lessons [in a series involving geologic sciences] involved teaching the kids about the structure of the Earth. One of her friends came up with the idea of presenting a model of the Earth made out of cake. So my sister asked me if I could make a spherical cake with all the layers of the Earth inside it."

Via Seth Dixon
Canberra Girls Grammar GSSF's comment, September 1, 2013 10:30 PM
Year 8 Unit 1
Courtney Burns's curator insight, December 7, 2013 7:58 PM

I think that this came out awesome! I definetly don't think that I would be able to pull something like this off. However what I found intersting about this was that it was like a cake map. Students were able to get a visual about what the earth's core is like. It visually shows them all the different layers of the earth. Just by visually seeing the cake like this will help a lot more kids to remember this lesson. Also by the baker putting the countries in their accurate locations makes this cake even that much better. They are veiwing a map and they don't even know it. I think this cake is a great tool to use to show students just how the earth is actually made up. By allowing the students to visually see it also makes it more likely for them to remember the material. Viewing maps can teach so much, which is why I think this "cake map" is an awesome way to teach and get the kids attention!

Michelle Winemiller's curator insight, January 22, 11:07 AM

project option we currently do for this unit

Rescooped by Bonnie Bracey Sutton from Geography Education!

In an Ideal World...

In an Ideal World... | STEM Connections |

Tags: art, fun.

Via Seth Dixon
Courtney Barrowman's curator insight, January 23, 12:09 PM

unit 1ish  :)

Jason Schneider's curator insight, January 26, 8:45 PM

I am absolutely fascinated by Earth's Physical Environments. What I like specifically about this map and most maps for that matter is that you won't find a lot of comfortable environments that introduce you to many environmental areas in real life. As long as I have the survival skills, I would love to live in a place where I can know what are Earth's Physical Environments.

Rescooped by Bonnie Bracey Sutton from Geography Education!

A wide-angle view of fragile Earth

A wide-angle view of fragile Earth | STEM Connections |
In this image-filled talk, Yann Arthus-Bertrand displays his three most recent projects on humanity and our habitat -- stunning aerial photographs in his series "The Earth From Above," personal interviews from around the globe featured in his web project "6 billion Others," and his soon-to-be-released movie, "Home," which documents human impact on the environment through breathtaking video.

Via Seth Dixon
Seth Dixon's curator insight, August 14, 2014 2:38 PM

I've linked galleries of the artistic, aerial photography of Yann Arthus-Bertrand several times before.  In this Ted Talk, you can hear what motivates his artistic vision and the global perspectives that he wants to bring to the fore.  You can also watch the 90-minute video 'Home' that he discusses in the talk here.    


Tags: images, art, worldwideTEDenvironment, video.

Diane Johnson's curator insight, August 25, 2014 10:07 AM

Useful for Human Impact DCI!

Rescooped by Bonnie Bracey Sutton from Geography Education!

Top 20 Earth Images

Top 20 Earth Images | STEM Connections |
With five satellites scanning the globe, DigitalGlobe has collected impressive imagery of planet Earth this year. Check out their top 20 images here.

Via Seth Dixon
Alex Schaerer's curator insight, December 5, 2013 11:50 AM

Incredible images of Mother Earth. It is all of our responsibility to look past our short term existence here to ensure that she flourishes for millenia for our future generations. 

Joy Kinley's curator insight, December 6, 2013 10:49 AM

The views of Earth from Space are fascinating.  Mountains, deserts, volcanoes, islands all seen from above.  My favorite is the city of Aleppo. What is yours?

megan b clement's comment, December 15, 2013 11:31 PM
Five satellites have taken some of the most amazing photos of amazing places all over the world. The photos show the beauty of each place some places i never even knew existed.
Rescooped by Bonnie Bracey Sutton from Fabio Padovan!

137 World Landmarks and Other Crazy Google Maps Art

137 World Landmarks and Other Crazy Google Maps Art | STEM Connections |
The Bay Area's Jenny Odell creates maddeningly complex sets of similar structures, like stadiums, nuclear plants and cargo ships.

Via Seth Dixon, Fabio Padovan
Seth Dixon's curator insight, July 10, 2013 10:57 PM

I love geographically inspired art.  How many of the 137 icon features (as portrayed in Google Maps but removed from their context) can you identify?  For a higher-resolution, image and more of her art, click here

Tags: mapping, art, google, trivia.

Sean de Basti's curator insight, August 27, 2013 10:31 AM

do you know where everything is located?