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Which Start-Up Could Be the Next Big Thing?

Which Start-Up Could Be the Next Big Thing? | Startups |
In the unpredictable world of technology, some hot start-ups could fizzle and be forgotten. Others could be the next household name. Which one has what it takes?

When it comes to technology start-ups, there are a lot of paths to success.

Some successful start-ups sell for a billion dollars, as Tumblr did this year to Yahoo. When that happens, it’s a windfall for the founders of the start-ups as well as for the investors and some employees.

Other new companies are considered successful if they attract millions of users and venture money before going public, as Facebook did and Twitter is doing. And still others are considered hot because their products attract demographic groups that advertisers want to reach or because they have come up with some new idea or technology that seems to change the way we live.

About a year ago, right after Instagram was snapped up by Facebook, a few other start-ups seemed poised for some degree of success. Some of them, like Pinterest, Square and Uber, are still thriving, with plenty of users and cash from investors. Others, like Path or Airtime, have lost steam, and users’ attention, and may be on their way to the tech boneyard.

This year, there’s a new class of interesting start-ups to watch. Some are attracting record numbers of new users and significant amounts of venture capital, or appealing to a new and interesting demographic. Some are simply working on a new idea that seems to be taking off. In the unpredictable world of tech start-ups, any of them could fizzle and be forgotten by the end of the year. But they could also be the next big thing.

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Wonderful !


Marc Kneepkens's curator insight, August 30, 2013 1:04 PM

Interesting to see which new startups are becoming succesfull. Take a look.

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How to Incorporate a Competitive Analysis Into Your Business Plan

How to Incorporate a Competitive Analysis Into Your Business Plan | Startups |
If you’re working to get a small business enterprise off the ground, one of your most important tools will be your business plan. This is the document you will show prospective investors that will give them the confidence and peace of mind necessary to hand you their hard earned dollars.
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Marc Kneepkens's curator insight, June 17, 2013 3:24 AM

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DAVID T DEWBERRY's curator insight, November 8, 2013 8:31 AM

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There's the challenge and opportunity, why? They're so involved in doing, working in the business many never get to the point of working on their business. Most business plans sit on the shelf collecting dust on in a drawer never seeing the light of day. A living, breathing business plan that is followed, updated, executed is essentail to reach the business full potential. It dosen't matter if you're a start up or been in business for year, the formular for success is the same. Plan your work and work your plan! a workable business plan has an implemetation plan that is very easy to follow has specific duites and responsibilites with action items , who is to to do what where and when. SMART...Specific...Measureable...Acheivable...Realistic....Timeline!


The difference between just being in business and having a succussful business is how the busines owner(s) know and do the business of the business. Trusted advisors, consuktants can assist with expertise and guidance , the ulitmate responsiability and accountability is within the owners ability to not only work in the business , but to work on the business.


David T. Dewberry