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It's the ultimate RSS reader. Import your subscriptions in one click, find your friends, and start sharing. Why did you build The Old Reader?
Let's just say we missed the original reader a lot, so we built The Old Reader for ourselves and our friends. We like the way it turned out, so we are sharing it with everyone
What does it do?
It allows you to browse your daily dose of content with that very special bit shared by your friends, with notes and comments
Can I transfer my subscriptions?
Yes, you can import your feeds directly from your Google Reader account or use our OPML import feature if you're sensitive about your security.
How do I find my friends?
The Old Reader working on improving the friend suggestion page, but in the mean time you can search for your buddies manually or see who among your Facebook friends or Google contacts is also using The Old Reader. We'll also send you an e-mail when someone starts following you.
Do you have a mobile app?
Not yet ...
Will you misbehave on my Facebook like those other apps?
Absolutely not! You can post your shared items on your timeline, but unless you choose to post to Facebook, all your shares and comments will stay in The Old Reader only. We'll never post anything else on your behalf or involve you in any other shady scheme.