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SlideDog presentation software seamlessly switches between multimedia presentation files such as PowerPoint, PDF, Prezi, movies, images, web pages and more SlideDog lets you create playlists for all your presentation files and media. Just drag your files into Slidedog, arrange them in the order you want, save the playlist and you’re set. Playlists of presentations/media can be useful in many cases, for instance:

When you have a lot of different media to display and want to easily switch back and forth.
When you have multiple speakers, such as in meetings or at conferences, and want to switch between their presentations seamlessly.
When doing demonstrations or sales pitches where you often switch between a slide deck and a website.
When doing timed presentations with different file types (you can configure SlideDog to auto-advance).

In addition to adding files from your desktop computer, SlideDog offers you the power of the Internet. Easily integrate content from free public web resources like YouTube to extend functionality and quickly add pre-formatted content to your slides.