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Feedspot is a Social Feed Reader , reinventing RSS Reader by building an entire new platform from scratch. It helps you find out What’s happening, Right Now, with the Topics and News sites you care about. I use this new startup rss reader because google reader powering down .
You can follow your favorite Topics and News Sites(more on this below). You can also follow your friends so that you are updated with articles your friends are sharing. Feedspot is a Open and Asymmectric social network. So, if a user ‘John’ Follow’s you on Feedspot, John is notified everytime you share an article.

 Features : 
1. Topics
Feedspot lets you create instant news feed for any topic. You can keep yourself updated with any Topic you care about. It could be your favorite educational blog or website . 
2 . Feedspot also lets you follow your favorite News sites and blogs. Just do a simple domain name search or using a RSS link . 
3. Homepage
Feedspot shows you a river-like stream of posts related to Topics and News feeds you have followed. Take a look at how a homepage looks like
You can login using your email,  your Twitter or Facebook account. Feedspot will import your interests based of People and Topics you have already followed on Twitter or Facebook. Feedspot also lets you import(OMPL) your subscribed feeds from your existing feed reader or directly from google reader