Planboard is an online lesson planner made for teachers. Create, share, and manage lesson plans with ease.

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Designed for teachers.
Planboard is a simple tool made specifically for teachers and educators to simplify their lesson planning. Features include being able to share calendars, print off schedules, and being able to re-use your lesson plans for next year. Best of all, there is no software installation necessary. It's simple to get organized with Planboard.
Making the switch.
Planboard eliminates the need for bulky physical books by centralizing everything onto a computer. Ranging from broad yearly scopes, to weekly overviews, down to detailed reminders, you can gain access to personal plans anytime, anywhere. Not only will you be saving time, you'll be helping save trees too.
"Truly a much easier way to schedule & share their class plans"
Lucy Beckerman, Point Grey Secondary
Plan your classes.
Planboard's convenient calendar helps you easily plan and view your academic year. It's quick and effortless to add items in for each class. Need a synopsis on weekly schedules? Navigate to see an overview of that week. Have a lot on your plate? Use the day planner to view all tasks and reminders specific to that day.
Access from anywhere.
You'll be able to access Planboard securely from practically anywhere. All you need is a computer, internet connection, and a compatible web browser. Whether in the classroom or at home, you can comfortably edit your plans on-the-go.
Share your schedules.
Share your plans by printing or generating a PDF of your daily or weekly schedule. Have a student that missed your class? Or a new substitute teacher? Share your Planboard with them to enable them to see what they've missed and what they need to do.