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KeyLemon is a software that offers face recognition using your webcam. Stop wasting time typing your password and use your face as your password.  

KeyLemon provides a new way to access your computer. Instead of typing your password, you just need to smile to the webcam and KeyLemon will recognize you. It is fast, simple and convenient. So, start now and create your own and unique face model!

KeyLemon is a software company which offers simple, fast and convenient computer access solutions, based on face and speech recognition, for all Internet users with a webcam.

Nowadays, we are continuously interacting with computers and Internet. We have to create numerous personal accounts to access computers and web services, such as social networks, blogs and forums, email accounts or online gaming.

Besides the pain of forgetting passwords, and then having to press the "send me a new password" button, entering passwords many times is a tedious and time-wasting process. Moreover, what happen if you forget to lock Windows before leaving for a coffee? Also password protection is a one-time security procedure. After the login step, nothing ensures that the right person is still behind the computer, accessing the right data or services. To solve these problems, KeyLemon offers a computer access solution based on personal biometric identification.

The biometric identification technology behind KeyLemon's products are the results of 10 years of research.

KeyLemon was created for all of us who wants to access to their computer and virtual accounts in a comfortable, easy and convenient way.

Just your smile, is all you need to log in.