MultiPLX as Google Reader Alternative for users . 
Multiplx is a reimagined RSS Reader to include all of your favorite blogs and source  MultiPLX supports the import/export of OMPL files from Google takeout who want to migrate seamlessly from Google Reader which is announced to be closed July 1, 2013. 
Coming Soon.
 The following features will be coming very soon to your MultiPLX account.
In no priority order: 
Inbox-style view aka List view aka Google Reader view 
Import from Google Reader: not just the regular OPML file, but: 
all your starred items 
all your liked items 
all your shared items 
notes you have created 
Take notes along side your entry 
Follow your friends 
Share items with them 
Hide images from tiled view for low-bandwidth users 
Option to change fonts 
Option to hide favorite icons along side feed names 
Option to hide already read feed-items