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It's the simplest way to view, read, and watch your documents, photos, links, and videos on all your devices.
Features :
30 seconds done
That's all it takes to create your own dashboard. Simple one-click tools make adding to and organizing your dashboard a snap.
Organize your dashboard to suit you with simple drag, drop, resize and rotate features.
There when you need it.
Attending a conference, going on a sales call, presenting to a client, or just need a central place for some of your stuff? Your dashboard is always ready on the device you want.
Read your documents, watch your videos, browse photos, click through presentations, without ever leaving your dashboard.
Sharing is caring
Collaborate with those back in the office, brainstorm with a client, and create a shared workspace among colleagues. Your dashboard is packed with built-in sharing and collaboration tools.
Each middlespot dashboard has a personal web address. Share it on facebook, twitter, email, a short URL, and even embedded in your blog or website.
More features :
Seeing is Believing.
Easily recognize all your stuff.
No more cryptic icons. Read your documents, see your bookmarks, view your photos, and watch your videos right in your dashboard. Get it Anywhere.
Tablets, laptops, computers, and smartphones.
Dashboards live in the cloud, giving you access from any device with a web browser. Organize Your Way.
Drag, resize, rotate, and layer.
Everything you place on your dashboard can be moved, grouped, layered, rotated, and opened. It's your stuff, how you want it.
Add Anything.
Notes, Pictures, Documents, Music, Presentations, Videos and Widgets.
Add anything and everything from your computer or around the web. Whatever you need to make it easier to get stuff done. Collaborate.
Share with co-workers and friends.
With multiple levels of collaboration, a dashboard can be just for you or something you share. You can even let others contribute to your dashboard.