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Ezeesocial A Social Media Management software that allows you to manage, monitor and engage on many social platforms.

Weekend and effectively timed postings can help to engage at peak times to your followers not just when you are working.

As nobody has all the time in the day, you can set up automated messages to thank followers, send emails, and SMS just to keep rapport high. Drive traffic to your website.

Update your favorite Blogspot, Wordpress and Tumblr blogs with incredible ease. Use Ezeesocial's analytics to monitor traffic.

Instead of being trained to use multiple sites you can be trained to use just the one software to understand how it works and not have to learn so many different platforms.

Time saving, consistent messaging, brand management, high exposure across multiple formats so that a wider audience is engaged with you.

Respond to followers and comments automatically in the correct manner, due to the linguistic script integrated within the programme which rates each comment as either negative or positive.

Send large mail shots to a database that is of the correct demographic for your product that has been automatically built by your social media.

Unlike manual searching of followers, you can get targeted users either due to specific demographics such as keywords or geographical location. Saves on time and create a niche following relevant to your speciality area.

EzeeSocial makes it easier to share relevant content to make your social media become the hub of your speciality. Become the experts in your field and be the place where you want to be.

Live streaming of all your social media feeds in one organised place, judge reactions to your brand and campaigns allowing fast feedback, makes faster judgements on effectiveness of previous marketing campaigns.