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Quickly access all your papers

Kleenk is about spreading your research results and give you quick access to your papers, wherever they are. Klenk started with a few integrations such as Mendeley, Springer and PLoS but much more are on their way.

Create links with other publications

When you create a kleenk with a paper of yours in becomes instantly connected with thousands
of other papers in the first semantic network of scientific content. And we use it to bring your work
to the attention of people that might be interested.
A kleenk map is an intuitive visual representation of a set of kleenks. It can show the kleenks related to a paper, to an author, to a topic, or ... anything you want. And they are generated automatically! And you can share them with your colleagues!

Get more citations and bigger impact

Because understand exactly how your work relates to its state of the art Klenk can bring it to the attention of those people who are most interested in your results. And Klenk provide clear and transparent stats about the impact your kleenks have through our platform, search engines and other research platforms.

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