Engaged Participants

Everyone in your organization is busy, Kindling respects that and connects with people where they work: In email, at their desks and on the go.Engagement drives ROI – Return On Ideas.

Social Innovation

The mythology around the lone inventor is just that. Innovation is social, ideas evolve with the participation and insights of others.Innovation is social. Kindling is social software.


Ideas can strike at any time: in a meeting, at a baseball game or while out for coffee. With Kindling, you’ll never lose an idea again.Ideas happen anywhere, anytime.


Kindling offers many enterprise authentication options, including LDAP / ActiveDirectory integration and many single sign-on options.Engagement begins with easy access for all.


Kindling maximizes your team’s time spent on innovation, with a custom algorithm that turns system behavior into user insights.No noise. Just relevant ideas.

Flexible Integration

Kindling content is available via a well-documented API, allowing internal technical staff to include ideas inside corporate intranets.Innovation plays well with others.

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