Gooru is a free platform for 21st century teachers and students, a powerful tool for discovering complete lesson plans and curating content. Their comprehensive lesson plans made from interactive web materials bring the classroom to life. By offering these standards-aligned classplans and helping teachers find the best materials, assembling lesson plans is no longer a burden. This lets the teachers do what they do best. Teach.
Features :
Search for standards-aligned Classplans by subject, grade, and topic. Results come in multiple flavors: My Classplans, Gooru Classplans, and Best of the Rest. My Classplans are Classplans you have already made, Gooru Classplans are teacher-curated lessons that have been vetted by our team of content experts, and Best of the Rest are Classplans that other users have created that have been socially ranked by the community. Gooru also has it's own Custom EDU Search that lets you perform a Google search that is restricted to vetted educational websites so that you don't have to wade through all the results that a normal search provides.
Any Classplan found through Gooru search is immediately teachable. Click to move through a playlist of web resources in the classroom, or open the right drawer to see a table of contents organized as thumbnails. These resources come in a variety of forms and are standards-aligned to bring relevant classroom learning to life. We currently support PDFs, YouTube videos, Flash Animations, Google Earth videos, Custom Questions, images, and links to websites.
Each Classplan contains rich web resources, lesson plans, detailed descriptions of teaching topics and attributes such as grade, subject, unit, and topic. Copy any lesson you see in Gooru to conveniently access all of the web materials associated with the lesson and customize it to your needs. Upload your own lesson plan, drag and drop resources, reorder segments and upload video recordings of yourself by segment to share your teaching style with the world.

Share the lessons and resources you've used with other teachers to enrich the community. See what resources others are using, follow colleagues' Classplans, comment on resources that you like, and ask questions about teaching styles. Connect with a whole community of educators around standards-aligned web resources organized into Classplan .