Fishtree unlocks student potential by using technology that empowers teachers, engages parents and creates a community of learning. Through the use of powerful analytics, recommendation and personalization engines, fishtree delivers a classroom solution for the teacher as well as personalizing for the student individually. And then we continuously adapt to the needs and changing profile of both.
Through an easy to use interface, teachers can create beautiful, aligned lesson plans in minutes for the classroom that are also personalized for each student, offering dynamic curriculum and assessment tools from a variety of resources.
The team is made up of senior, global education technology professionals, some of the most innovative and creative executives in the industry. Yes, we build great products, but our commitment to helping change people's lives does not end there. We also focus on phenomenally simple interfaces and world class implementation. We want our customers to enjoy the experience as much as we enjoy building it.
We can align all resources available to teachers to learning standards like the Common Core, and personalize these for every learner, no matter what device they use. We make this easier to do than any other learning platform available today, allowing our teachers to focus on teaching, parents are engaged and students are learning in a colorful, rich, dynamic learning environment.