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Feed Wrangler is a modern, sustainable RSS reader - 19 $ / year .

Fast — Feed Wrangler is designed to make checking your RSS feeds as frictionless a process as possible.
Clean — Feed Wrangler puts your content front and center. The interface is simple and understated to let you focus on what you actually care about.
Powerful — While Feed Wrangler is intuitive enough for anyone to use, it doesn't disappoint the Power User. Features like Smart Stream, Filters and Full text search let you truly wrangle the news.
Seamless — You can easily import your RSS Feeds from Google Reader (which Google is shutting down July 1st) or an OPML file.
Sustainable — Feed Wrangler is funded directly by your ongoing support. It isn't a fly-by-night outfit without a business model. You are my customer and it is my job to create and sustain a product you'll want to continue to use.
Features :
Smart Streams & Filters
Create Custom Feeds tailored to your tastes.
Group your favorite feeds into a single, easy to check stream.
Apply search criteria to your newsfeed to pinpoint topical articles.
Automatically mark articles as read with keyword filtering to clean your newsfeed of unwanted items.
Advanced Read Later
Integrates with Instapaper and Pocket.
One tap easy saving to Read Later.
Automatic saved article detection hides articles you've already saved for later.
Full 3rd Party API
Allows Feed Wrangler to be accessed via your favorite RSS client.
Modern JSON API available for 3rd Party client developers.
Launching in May, 2013.