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access anywhere

doctape is designed from the ground up using the latest web technologies for accessibility from any device with a browser. The intuitive and consistent user interface means you already know how to use it, even after changing devices or platforms.


At doctape we take data-security seriously: we scan files for viruses and leverage latest encryption implementations to transfer and store your files securely.

media conversion

We optimize your audio and video files so we can deliver the best streaming experience for your screen size and bandwidth. We even convert OpenOffice, Photoshop, Illustrator files and much more. Now you can view almost everything on-the-go.

email uploads

An alternative to traditional browser upload, our e-mail gateway allows you and others to send files directly to your file timeline. You can easily configure most internet enabled cameras to send your holiday pictures directly to doctape!

3rd party editing

You need to change something? No problem. Just click on the edit button option in the WebApp and doctape takes you to GoogleDocs.

free forever

We are committed to keeping the basic service free, forever and ever! If you need more than 5 GB just ask us. You will be able upgrade to a Premium Account soon.